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The Business of Writing Podcast is where the best creative minds of our time share how they’ve built thriving businesses around their writing skills.

It’s time to kill the myth that writing doesn’t pay — on this show you’ll learn how to make words work for you.

We’ll be going deep into the art and science of great writing, the business acumen you need to make your business thrive, and writers of all kinds will share hard-earned insights you won’t get anywhere else.

So if you want to master the business of writing, click here to dive in.

Marcella Allison

Laura and Rachel know how to take rough, raw material and turn it into gold. They know where to look for the threads that tie a great story together. They’re curious, they show up, and they have done the hard work to figure out how to make writing pay. So whether you’re new to this whole writing thing, or you’re a salty old scribe, you’re in good hands with these two.

Marcella Allison In-Demand Copywriter, Copy Chief, and Founder of The Titanides

Meet Your Hosts

Direct Response Copywriter

Rachel Mazza

Rachel is a copywriter and sales funnel consultant who specializes in lowering traffic costs by warming up cold traffic.

She helps businesses, media buyers, and information publishers improve their funnels by filling in the missing pieces between the first customer touch point and the final sale. 

When she's not helping her clients increase conversions and revenue, she teaches freelancers how to improve their copy and write stories that sell.


Laura Gale

Laura helps entrepreneurs and marketers write books that grow their businesses.

Writing a book about your business sets you apart from your competition, establishes you as a leader in your field, and opens up new streams of revenue and opportunity that can help your business grow exponentially.

She came out of the traditional publishing world, and now offers a boutique service that specializes in writing, publishing and marketing powerful, profitable books for B2B entrepreneurs.

Kevin Rogers

In a world of overnight experts, Rachel and Laura are two super legit authorities on how to earn your living as a writer. They’ve both been doing it for years, at the top of their games. On every episode of the Business of Writing you get real and relatable advice from two women who genuinely want to see their listeners win. What a refreshing treat.

Kevin Rogers Founder and CEO of Copy Chief

Write, Reap, Repeat:

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  • How to avoid shiny object syndrome to maximize your output—without burning out
  • How to get a constant flow of new, qualified leads
  • How to manage and set boundaries with clients so all your projects are smooth sailing
  • ... and more.
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