In This Episode: 

Brian McCarthy is one of those guys who instantly puts a smile on your face and is always thinking about how he can give away value to others.

He also happens to be a talented copywriter who’s worked with big marketers like Ramit Sethi, John Morrow, T. Harv Eker, Art of Charm, James Schramko, and more.

While his client portfolio is impressive, what we’re really interested in learning from him is HOW he’s providing huge value to these clients.

Because Brian’s carved out a fascinating vertical for himself by specializing in writing case studies.

Now, these case studies go far beyond sticking a vanity badge full of testimonials on your website…

…. Brian’s case studies are specifically designed to drive revenue, and grow your business.

We’ll let him tell you all about it. Check it out the episode below.

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Episode Highlights

  • How Brian learned to develop high-profile launch copy for some of the world’s best marketing brands
  • What made him decide to start turning down lucrative launch deals to focus on case studies
  • The biggest mistakes people make when writing case study material
  • How Brian manages to create great content for his own business, even when his client roster is full
  • The hardest part about being a full-time writer
  • How to know when you’re “good enough” to charge what you really want to earn

… and plenty more along the way. 

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