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Today we’re chatting with Direct Response Copywriter, James Barger.

From Mechanical Engineer, to Drone Pilot, to big Launch Copywriter – James has one of the most diverse backgrounds of anyone we’ve met. 

Now he consults with A-list copywriters and also promotes his own successful ventures using direct response copy. 

We like to call him “The Ghost in the Machine” because he’s always behind the scenes as an integral part of big projects, but doesn’t often share about his processes or business. 

We’re lucky to have him today as he shares how his diverse interests have helped him manage huge writing projects, and rise to the top of the industry faster than most. 

Join in as as we dive deep into his strategic approach for promoting new offers, his go-to-system for generating consistent, quality leads, and how to build momentum in your writing career by using ‘common sense’ techniques that most writers ignore.

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Episode Highlights

  • How James went from mechanical engineer, to drone pilot, to successful freelance copywriter
  • What it’s like working with high-level entrepreneurs and copywriters on big launches
  • How James built momentum in his career as a writer and quickly rose to the top
  • Why James’ believes “the devil is in the details” when writing at a high level
  • How James gets a constant flow of new, qualified leads
  • Why launches are the most misunderstood piece of copy (and why they’re NOT where the real work gets done)
  • How to stand out when approaching new prospects or opportunities
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of James’ process for promoting new offers and products
  •  How to identify quick wins so you can get results for your clients quickly
  • Why you shouldn’t focus all your energy on improving your writing skills if you want to get to the top
  • How to set boundaries with clients that make the experience better for both of you
  • The must-have rules of engagement that help you filter out leads which aren’t a good fit for you
  • Why generating a ton of leads/work is NOT the ultimate answer to a successful writing career
  • How to play chess when everyone else is playing checkers (playing a bigger, better game)

And plenty more along the way. Get the resources mentioned in this episode below.

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