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Today we’re talking about something that we feel is missing from many conversations about building your business. 

When dealing with a crisis in your personal life, it can seem impossible to work mid-meltdown.

This is exactly why it’s critical to build a strong support network around you when you work alone or in small teams.

Not only is it powerful for your mental health on a daily basis, but it’s also extremely important when life hits you with one of those sucker punches that knocks you down for the count. 

Having a community of people who understand your work, who support you, and who can help you stay afloat when things go wrong is one of the most important insurances you can build for yourself.

Since Rachel recently went through a crisis in her personal life that threw her business for a loop, we felt it was time to discuss this important topic that’s often swept under the rug.

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Episode Highlights

  • How personal crisis has stopped us from working on our businesses
  • The effects of hardship and loss on your brain and creativity
  • How to ask for help when you need support in your business during a crisis
  • The “rolodex method” for building a long-term support network around your business
  • How to talk to your clients about extending deadlines in times of crisis
  • The critical support network you need to start building in your business right now
  • What to do when you have “mush brain” and can’t think clearly
  • How long is “too long” to get back into the swing of things

And plenty more along the way. Get the resources mentioned in this episode below.

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