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Today we’re chatting with Joel Klettke, who is a sought-after conversion copywriter and consultant.

With a background in entrepreneurship, Joel brings a strategic approach to building and scaling a writing business. He’s also great at teaching freelancers how to confidently sell their services and scale their business.

Today he runs Business Casual Copywriting where he’s helped clients like WP Engine and HubSpot double their conversions. He’s also the founder of Case Study Buddy, a done-for-you case studies service that helps companies capture, share, and cash in on customer success stories.

Building and scaling companies of this size is notoriously difficult, so today we’re asking Joel how he’s gone from profitable side-project to full-fledged company in a strategic way.

And stay tuned until the end for a hilarious side tangent about the evil nature of red tailed hawks.

Let’s dive in so Joel can tell you all about it.

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Episode Highlights

  • How to avoid having an employee mindset as a freelancer so you can take charge of client relationships
  • Why “solving problems” is the unconventionally simple way to close clients confidently
  • How Joel built up his sales confidence to pitch clients from a position of strength
  • Ways to leverage an ‘in house’ job to jump start your freelance career
  • How Joel identified a big hole in the market and used it to start a specialized conversions business
  • Joel’s secret to developing processes that help you scale your writing business
  • The biggest flubs of his early days that taught him some of his most important lessons
  • How to show clients what it’s like to work with you before you ever get on a sales call
  • The questions Joel always asks before hiring or partnering with someone on his team
  • Why ‘looking expensive’ could be the best thing you do for your business growth
  • How to give yourself an edge over other freelancers

And plenty more along the way. Get the resources mentioned in this episode below.

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