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Rob has worked as a Copywriter, Producer and Creative Director at various companies including FranklinCovey, Publicis, and Hewlett Packard. So he’s got a solid combo of “big company” and “agency” experience.

He’s written everything from direct mail and TV, to case studies and books. You name it, he’s penned it.

Today Rob writes high-performance sales copy for tech, SaaS, and heath supplement clients, and also consults with clients to help them improve their marketing campaigns.

In addition to working with clients directly – Rob and his partner Kira also run one of the biggest online copywriter communities and podcasts today – The Copywriter Club.

But outside of all of his impressive credentials, Rob is genuinely full of warmth, curiosity, and is an all-around a great guy to hang out with.

So give him a big warm welcome as he shares his knowledge and experience about how to best invest in yourself and your business as a writer. 

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Episode Highlights

  • How Rob got his ‘big break’ when he first started copywriting
  • Why you should strive to be the worst writer in the room
  • How he found the business partner that changed his whole career
  • Why you DON’T have to work alone as writer
  • How to handle a “bad client” with grace and professionalism
  • The biggest investment you can make in yourself and your business
  • How to get over the fear of choosing a niche and settling in to do the hard work
  • The easy way to filter prospects so you only work with people you love
  • How to get paid royalties and bonuses on the back end of client projects

And plenty more along the way. Get the resources mentioned in this episode below.

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