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Kira Hug is a conversion copywriter who specializes in personality-driven launch copy. She’s also an expert at helping small business owners define and package their “weirdness” – which is part of what makes her so much fun.

While she works directly with clients of her own, she also coaches and leads a team of copywriters at her own agency, and runs The Copywriter Club community with co-founder Rob Marsh.

A CEO, podcast host, and Creative extraordinaire with a killer fashion sense – Kira is an all-around fun and fascinating entrepreneur to learn from. Let’s dive in.

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Episode Highlights

  • Kira’s go-to approach for getting a constant flow of new clients
  • How Kira balances multiple brands and businesses within her roster
  • The quirky question Kira asks every prospect to make sure they’re a good fit
  • What it truly takes to start and run a private community (and why it’s way more work than you think)
  • How to find and leverage the right online community to create a safe space for learning and growing
  • When it’s best to use larger communities vs. more intimate communities to solve your tough business challenges.
  • Why there’s ALWAYS room for more writers and writing communities
  • How to personalize your process when working with clients (even when using an assistant to manage your projects)

And plenty more along the way. Get the resources mentioned in this episode below.

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