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Today’s episode is powerful, fun and fascinating all at the same time. Pauline Longdon is an Australian author, podcaster, direct response copywriter, and seriously impressive entrepreneur.

She has trained with the “who’s who” of the copywriting world and is currently one of Parris Lampropoulos’ coveted Copy Cubs. In short, she’s in high-demand for A-list copy around the world.

Before she was a copywriter, Pauline was an Army Nurse – which has given her writing a unique perspective. She’s also the author of the bestselling book “From Depression’s Darkness,” which is a personal story of her recovery from depression.

Pauline is known for her great stories, fascinating life experience, generous teaching, renowned copy chops, and her super cool accent. We think you’re gonna like this one.

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Episode Highlights

  • How Pauline went from Australian army nurse to globally in-demand copywriter
  • The best way to “gear up” for battle in the writer’s mental war
  • Why your client isn’t a money-spitting ATM
  • How to work with confidence without getting too big for your britches
  • Why “compromise” is the dirtiest C-word
  • Pauline’s go-to approach for finding the motivation to get up and write every day
  • How she applies what she learned in nursing to get greater results for her clients
  • Pauline’s advice for battling your inner demons
  • Why you DON’T need to struggle as a writer to ‘earn your stripes’
  • How to deal with an “off day” and get back in the right headspace
  • The uncompromisable importance of “FU Money”
  • How to optimize your time and still leave room for self care
  • What the military taught her about navigating the biggest egos in the marketing world
  • How to know when to stand your ground vs. when to sit back and listen
  • The #1 event Pauline recommends you attend each year as a writer
  • How to listen to the deeper meaning behind what people are saying
  • Why your “why” isn’t enough
  • and so much more…

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