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Kirsty Fanton is a launch strategist and copywriter for online course creators. She also has her own course called Brain Camp, which teaches other copywriters the psychology behind great copy. 

What’s also cool is that Kirsty has a Master’s degree in Psychotherapy, which gives her an impressive handle on the mechanics behind things like decision making, motivation, and change processes. 

To top things off, Kirsty has an awesome sense of humor, so we can’t wait to dive into this chat!

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Episode Highlights

  • Kirsty’s trick for injecting humor into her copy without falling flat
  • What she uses from her Master’s degree in Psychotherapy to punch up her copy
  • How Kirsty navigated the switch from academia and professional therapy to working for herself and owning her own business
  • The therapist method for creating proactive boundaries with clients
  • How to keep your copy from sounding formulaic
  • Why you should write your copy as a dialog rather than a monologue
  • How Kirsty built a profitable product during a gap in client projects
  • The fun and creative psychotherapy trick for eliminating impostor syndrome

And plenty more along the way. Get the resources mentioned in this episode below.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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