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Justine Sones is an entrepreneurial word nerd who loves drinking coffee, listening to the CBC, and talking about things that hurt. Following over 10 years of self-employment and a graceful faceplant into motherhood, she was bestowed an honorary degree in Roll With The Punches Planning (courtesy of herself). 

Justine spends most of her time writing and coaching other high-performing women as they navigate the messy intersection of running a business and raising littles. 

Her motto is ‘honesty over everything except kindness’, and she’s become an expert in using boundaries to reduce stress in your business and your life. Today we talk about setting and enforcing boundaries with clients, boosting your creativity, and how to reduce stress in your business by putting yourself first. 

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Episode Highlights

  • How Justine carves out time to be creative
  • Her system for balancing client work and coaching
  • How she uses creative self expression as “self care” to fuel her creativity
  • Justine’s advice for setting boundaries in her business
  • How to enforce boundaries so you ‘set the standard’ with clients
  • Why overdelivering is actually a BAD thing
  • How to correct a client relationship gone awry due to lack of boundaries
  • Her system for managing stress when working on tough client projects
  • The danger of “stress stacking” and how to process your stress so you can move past it 
  • Developing a legacy with your writing

And plenty more along the way. Get the resources mentioned in this episode below.

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