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Chris Flynn is the author of The Glass Kingdom and A Tiger in Eden, which was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Book Prize. His latest novel, Mammoth, was released in April of 2020, and both his fiction and non-fiction work have appeared in publications like The Guardian, The Age, The Paris Review, and many more.

He’s a regular presenter at literary festivals across Australia, and has led a fascinating life full of travel, adventure, and all the makings of a great story. Today we chat with Chris about his writing process, getting published, and how he filters through all his great ideas to pull out these captivating stories.

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Episode Highlights

  • How Chris first got on his publisher’s radar
  • The surprise success of his first novel (which he never even knew was published)
  • How Chris plots out his stories (even before putting pen to paper)
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about being a writer early on in life
  • Chris’ unique method for filtering through his  many ideas to pull out the good ones
  • How he knows if his ideas are good enough to publish 
  • Why limiting your time writing will help you produce your best work
  • How to use distraction as a creativity tool
  • His process for fusing fact and fiction (and why they’re really not that different from each other)
  • The slightly scary method he uses to get paid in between book projects

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