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Ryan Spanger started work in the video production industry as a freelancer, but quickly discovered that while most production companies were focused on making nice looking films, their videos often neglected the needs of their clients. 

In fact, they seemed more interested in being artists than driving the right results for their clients, and so Ryan there was an opportunity to serve businesses far more effectively with video. This is how Dream Engine, his video production company, was born.

Since 2002, Dream Engine has produced videos for many of the world’s most recognised brands including BMW, IBM, The BBC, Moet & Chandon, and Shell. He’s also helped many fast-growth companies to communicate, sell and train more effectively.

Ryan is here today to share his expertise in video scriptwriting, and his processes for creating content that connects deeply with audiences and moves the needle for the client. 

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Episode Highlights

  • The different types of videos that help businesses grow
  • How to write compelling content that works well on video
  • Ryan’s simple script formula for videos that captivate viewers
  • How to adapt your writing style for video
  • Ryan’s go-to method for getting new clients
  • How to add video scripts into your writing services
  • The questions Ryan asks new clients to make sure they’re a good fit to work together
  • How he balances his artistic expression with video sales strategies 
  • The “fine dining experience” he uses to truly “Wow” his clients

And plenty more along the way. Get the resources mentioned in this episode below.

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