In This Episode: 

Grab your favorite beverage and settle in, because we’ve got a BIG one for you today. 

In this episode we go WAY above and beyond copywriting with top copywriter and coach, Stefan Georgi. 

Since he started copywriting in 2011, Stefan’s words have grossed over $700MM in sales. He used that experience to develop his RMBC method of copywriting, which helps writers create robust sales letters faster than ever, without sacrificing quality or results. 

He’s also the Co-Founder of Copy Accelerator with Justin Goff. In that program they teach business owners how to scale their offers to cold traffic, and copywriters how to scale their income by becoming the best at their craft.

Today, we talk about all that and more, including a truly insightful and genuine dive into the ethics and philosophy behind sales copy, creating real financial independence and wealth in your freelance business, and shifting your mindset to change the course of your career. 

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Episode Highlights

  • The major life event that spurred Stefan to launch his copy career
  • How he uses philosophy to address his reader’s biggest objections
  • The 4-step copywriting method that helped him write 12 sales letters in 1 month (that actually worked!)
  • How to turn your brain into an “assembly line” of good writing ideas
  • The checklist of questions he uses to speed up his research process
  • How to use templates to create great copy (without writing generic “heard it all before” work)
  • His advice for coming up with unique “big ideas”
  • How to avoid getting stuck when writing long-form sales letters
  • A breakdown of the template Stefan uses to write his sales letters
  • How Stefan finds and structures his client deals (and why he DOESN’T go after royalties)
  • What Stefan does with his revenue to grow his wealth without relying on performance bonuses 
  • How he went from charging $149 per sales letter to getting clients to happily pay him $60k up-front
  • His “do the math” method that will help you double or triple your freelance rates
  • The mindset shift that will stop self-sabotage in its tracks
  • How to break through limiting beliefs and build a truly fulfilling career and life

And plenty more along the way. Get the resources mentioned in this episode below.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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