In This Episode: 

Carline Anglade-Cole became an award-winning, million-dollar copywriter in the alternative health market by creating unique, crazy and over-the-top sales copy that just. Plain. Works. 

Today she’s sharing how she went from having ZERO marketing experience…

To being an in-demand A-list copywriter booked out 12+ months in advance. 

She did it all by controlling the conversation with clients and getting real with her writing. 

Her direct-response marketing clients credit her for launching and growing their businesses with multi-year controls that generate record-breaking sales and new customers.

She also uses her creative and marketing talents to teach, train and mentor aspiring writers and marketers to take their skills to higher levels.

We’re confident it will be one of our most popular interviews yet. So grab your favorite beverage and settle in for this action-packed episode. 

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Episode Highlights

  • How Carline got her first copywriting job by walking into the boss’ office and demanding an audience. 
  • The brutal interview process that (surprisingly) launched her copy career. 
  • How Carline gets booked a year in advance (even when she was just getting started)
  • What Carline learned about writing great copy from her mentor Clayton Makepeace
  • How to create your own demand and opportunity in your writing career
  • Her counterintuitive advice for “fumbling your way to success”
  • How to get great copy jobs even if you don’t have any samples
  • Carline’s advice for “controlling the conversation” when negotiating with clients
  • How to write great copy for a market you know nothing about
  • Why Carline says she’ll never retire from copywriting 
  • The #1 skill you MUST have to become an in-demand copywriter
  • The process of writing Carline’s booked that transformed how both Laura and Carline approach writing and editing

And plenty more along the way. Get the resources mentioned in this episode below.

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