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So many of our listeners want to market themselves and build great platforms, we want to highlight the kind of person who can really make it happen. So today we are interviewing Laura Valenti, who is the genius behind many of the systems here at the Business of Writing. We could not have made this show without her. 

Laura is a creative and dynamic project manager and UX/UI designer freelance. Ever since she was young, Laura rejected the idea that having a job had to be exhausting so she simply decided to build her dream career.

She spent 5 years working in London and a year and a half in Lisbon, before moving back to Italy (where she grew up) and bringing back everything she learned abroad. Right now she is working for multiple clients with different “hats”. These days Laura is primarily a designer but she is also a project manager, social media manager and ux researcher.

Today we talk about project management, mindset, and building a business that’s authentically you.

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Episode Highlights

  • How to embrace free online learning to change your career (and your life!)
  • Laura’s advice for getting paid to learn new skills
  • How to see change in your business as healthy and exciting (rather than stressful)
  • The first person you should hire when launching your new business
  • How to build trust and brand awareness quickly when you’re just getting started 
  • Which parts of your business you should automate and systematize first
  • How to automate more of your writing business so you can focus on the work you love most
  • Becoming a collaborator (rather than an employee) when working with clients
  • The powerful mindset strategy behind increasing productivity and creativity 
  • Laura’s advice for fixing an unproductive day 
  • The 3 lists you should carry around with you daily to consistently move toward big goals 
  • How to enjoy the “journey” of building your business (and not just the destination)

And plenty more along the way. Get the resources mentioned in this episode below.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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