Our Best Trainings and Resources

Tactical Goal Planning Masterclass

How to set exciting, achievable goals and make an "actually gonna do this" action plan to achieve them.

In this business skills masterclass, you'll learn how to:

  • Set exciting (but realistic) annual goals
  • Get over the "analysis paralysis" hump and take action quickly
  • Create a simple action plan to consistently move you closer to your goals
  • Work through mindset blockers about going after big dreams

BONUS: You'll also get our Tactical Goal-Setting Workbook to help you start moving toward your goals right away.

Write, Reap, Repeat

The Official BOW Guidebook to Marketing For Writers

In this free guide, you'll learn:

  • How to promote yourself and your writing business when you’re short on time, resources, and confidence
  • How to balance your time so that you create kick-ass content for your own business without compromising the quality of your client work
  • How to avoid shiny object syndrome to maximize your output—without burning out
    ...and more
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Stuff We Swear By

Here you’ll find the resources and tools we use constantly to grow our businesses and hone our writing skills. You'll hear us (and our guests) talk about these resources constantly on the show. 

This is the stuff we swear by and recommend to our clients, friends and colleagues when they ask us for recommendations on how to write better, how to market effectively, how to connect with other pro writers (and, real talk, how to manage your sh*t so you don’t lose your damn mind).

Whenever we run into something amazing, we'll share it with you here, so keep an eye on this page. If you want to get our real-time recommendations, subscribe to the show – (click here if you need to get on that) – we’ll share links to all the resources we talk about in each episode.

Copy Chief Community

Copy Chief is widely known as the best place for freelance writers to hone their skills and get help growing their business. It’s an online community and training dashboard where business owners and copywriters come together for expert feedback on their copy, exclusive trainings, an extensive job board, and opportunities to connect with true professionals. It’s bad-ass and we love it in here.

Rachel will confidently say that Copy Chief is one of the main reasons why her business is at where it is today.

 Join Copy Chief here.

CopyHour Course

This course was our first ‘official’ training in how to write long-form sales copy, and we still think it’s one of the best beginner courses out there. CopyHour is a training program run by Derek Johansson to teach you how the greats wrote (and still write) killer sales letters.

This program teaches ‘copy by hand’ — you literally write out great sales pieces by hand, so that you develop an intuitive, tangible sense of what works and why.

We’ve both been through this program multiple times, because it’s just so good for keeping your copy skills sharp.

Join CopyHour here. 

Ghost Protocol 

Books are one of the most powerful ways you can set yourself apart in your industry. Being an author establishes you as a true expert, an authority in your field and the go-to choice in your industry.

Books are also great projects for professional writers — they pay well, boost your profile and allow you to really hone your craft.

So if you’ve been thinking about writing a book, or if you would like to be able to offer this type of project to clients, then check out Laura’s intensive ghostwriting program, Ghost Protocol.

At the end of the 8 week program, you'll have a complete outline and action plan for writing your own book, and you’ll learn how to deliver this service to clients with confidence.

Learn more about Ghost Protocol here. 

Email Copy Academy

This intensive course by Chris Orzechowski is the definition of 'overdeliver'. It's a step-by-step training program on how to quickly write email campaigns that can sell any product, in any market with great success. We’ve taken a lot of copywriting courses, and we truly believe this is the best course on email copywriting available today. Plus Chris is helluva fun to watch.

Check out Email Copy Academy here.

The Advertorial 101 Training Program 

Advertorial “Pre-sale Pages” are one of the best ways to build relationships with new readers FAST. They help convert more cold traffic and lower traffic costs, which is a HUGE value for business owners and freelancer marketers alike!

Plus, they’re one of the most in-demand copy skills that clients ask for all. The. time. So if you want to add these pre-sale pages to your copywriting arsenal, then check out Rachel’s Advertorial 101 Training Program.

It’s an in-depth coaching program where she walks you step-by-step through her process of how to design, research, write, and use effective advertorials and pre-sale pages.

Check out the training program here. 

ThriveCart Sales and Payment Dashboard

This is the shopping cart software we use to manage all of our invoicing, product sales, payments, and affiliate programs. One thing we wish we did sooner in our writing career was get my shopping cart straightened out. 

Thrivecart has given us so much leverage and allowed us to evolve and grow our business quickly – WITHOUT stressing or screwing around with all the tech stuff. 

If you're interested in creating and selling products, memberships subscriptions, courses – or even if you just want an intuitive invoicing software – then this is the #1 program we recommend. Plus you only buy it once and have a lifetime license, and we’re all about keeping ongoing overhead costs low as a freelancer.

Click here to learn more about Thrivecart.

Content That Converts by Laura Gale

Laura wrote this book for entrepreneurs and the leaders of B2B businesses. It’s for those who want to use content marketing to bring a predictable stream of qualified leads into their sales cycles, and need a replicable system to make it happen. This book provides that system — a step-by-step process that can be executed in any business to generate qualified leads and more conversions with content marketing.

Get your copy of the book here. 

How To Write This Book by Laura Gale

Writing a book can transform the growth and value of your business. Books are still one of the most powerful assets you can create to build your credibility, authority and visibility in your market. It raises the profile of your work, putting you in front of audiences you might not have been able to reach before. It positions you as the go-to expert in your field—after all, if you literally ‘wrote the book’ on your industry, you’ll be the easy choice for your prospects.

Get Laura’s newest book here.

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