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Our guest today is Julie Hassett. She’s brought in millions of dollars for publishers like Agora Financial, Seven Figure Publishing, and Money Map Press as one of their only female copywriters. 

More recently, she’s stepped into a leadership role as the Head of Copywriting and Sales for a financial investment company called My Wall Street. 

Julie’s not only an influential player in the marketing world – she’s also written educational materials about finance that are currently being used nationally in public schools and even at Harvard University.

And before all that, Julie came from a pretty fascinating background – she’s worked as an actress in Los Angeles and an English teacher in Europe, and she even owned a Bait & Tackle shop in Tennessee. 

All of these experiences helped form her creative process and her approach to running a writing business. Let’s get to it.

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Episode Highlights

  • How Julie went from dressing up as a Teletubby on screen to writing financial sales copy
  • The ad that convinced her to become a copywriter in the first place
  • How Julie navigates the publishing world as one of few female copywriters
  • Navigating the bold cultures at different Agora companies
  • Making sure you’re heard when working with big personalities 
  • What Julie learned when she made the leap from senior copywriter to copy team manager
  • How she quickly reached a level of success most writers only dream of 
  • Building up a bulletproof professional network so you can have work whenever you need it
  • Three things Julie does every week to make sure she’s always moving her business forward
  • The books she swears by to get good at copy fast
  • How she gets work done while caring for a new baby
  • Stopping overwhelm and anxiety from creeping in when things get insane
  • Her advice for balancing “now money” and “future opportunity”

And plenty more along the way. Get the resources mentioned in this episode below.

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