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Shelly Ellis has built an incredible career out of writing and publishing fiction novels. Contrary to the path many writers take, she actually started with a publishing house, and after several successful books, decided to take off on her own so she could be more creative with her work. 

Now she writes under 2 different pen names across several different fiction dramas. Along the way, she’s won several prestigious awards and learned a lot of lessons about writing, publishing, and marketing books that your audience is hungry to read. 

Join us as we talk about getting an agent, building a thriving career in fiction writing, and recovering from creative burn-out.

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Episode Highlights

  • Why Shelly writes under 2 different pen names
  • How she comes up with ideas for her many novels
  • Why she never writes a story straight from start to finishHow she comes up from ideas for her stories
  • Her advice for burned-out writers who’ve lost their love for the craft
  • How she gets her books into Barnes and Nobles and other bookstores
  • Why she left her publishing house after years of success and decided to self-publish instead
  • How to recover when you write something that flops
  • Her advice for getting helpful feedback from your readers
  • How she takes the “traditional” book tour and moves it online
  • Her favorite ways to replenish her creativity when she’s feeling drained

And plenty more along the way. Get the resources mentioned in this episode below.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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