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Michael Langan is an accomplished editor and writing coach who intimately knows the ins and outs of the publishing industry. He’s an author himself, and helps other writers elevate their creative writing and critical reading skills.

He’s also an avid student of the literary movement – studying Cultural History for over 2 decades, holding a phD in Creative Writing, and teaching English Literature at Greenwich University, London.

Other than focusing on his own writing career and helping his coaching clients, Michael also works as the Arts Editor at a popular LGBTQ magazine in London – interviewing acclaimed novelists such as Edmund White and Tom Spanbauer.

In this episode Michael reveals how to use the editing process to improve your writing, as well as how he navigates the tumultuous world of publishing.

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Episode Highlights

  • A deep-dive into the tumultuous rollercoaster of the publishing industry
  • How Michael has found agents to represent his work
  • His advice for promoting yourself as a freelance editor
  • How Michael pushes through tough writing challenges
  • His advice for dealing with rejection when you’re pitching your book to publishers
  • The biggest differences between e-publishing, self-publishing, and traditional publishing
  • How to prepare yourself for the intense editing process after you’ve written your book
  • His method for breaking down huge projects and setting realistic writing milestones
  • Why it’s critical for editors to balance tough love and empathy when working with writers
  • How to break through writer’s block when you’re struggling to write
  • Why it’s critical that an editor learn to balance tough love and empathy

And plenty more along the way. Get the resources mentioned in this episode below.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode


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