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Angie Colee is a heavily-tattooed rocker turned copywriter and entrepreneurial coach. She was one of our very first guests here on the show, and since then she’s made some incredible shifts in her business. 

She’s recently said goodbye to most of her client work to focus on her coaching, podcast, and writing a book – All supported by the incredible lessons she’s learned on her journey from cubicle copywriter to badass business owner.

In that time she’s coached hundreds of creative freelancers through finding clients and confidently fulfilling the gig…

Strategized and written multiple multi-million dollar launches, including two during the recent pandemic…

And Generated over $50MM in direct-to-consumer sales with her copy.

Since she walked away from her day job, she’s created strategies and promos for companies like Masterclass, Copy Chief, The Hustle, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and Product Launch Formula.

These days, she’s teaching everything she’s learned in her new business called Permission to Kick Ass. There she provides business and confidence coaching for creative entrepreneurs.

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Episode Highlights

  • Why Angie decided to move away from being a copywriting gun for hire 
  • How Angie manages her creative work while working remotely from the road
  • Her superpower that makes her the perfect person to turn to when you need a loving kick in the butt.
  • How to have difficult conversations with clients when you need to set boundaries
  • The difference between a “red flag” and s “miscommunication” when it comes to managing clients
  • How you can use your personality and quirks to attract the right clients 
  • The filters you should run all prospects through to make sure they’re easy to work with

And plenty more along the way. Get the resources mentioned in this episode below.

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