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In This Episode: 

In this episode we’re chatting with Angie Colee.

She is not only a copywriter and talented storyteller, but she also leads the team over at Product Launch Formula with Jeff Walker.

Angie not only knows the ins and outs of writing content for those launches, but also all the many moving parts that go along with creating a big marketing piece like that.

But it wasn’t always that way. Before she became a writing and copy project superstar, Angie was a full-time, in-house copywriter at a corporate company.

When that didn’t serve her anymore, she very courageously made the leap from the in-house writing  job to full time, successful freelancer…

… and along the way she has become an industry expert on dealing with head trash, finding your confidence as a writer, and ‘doing it anyway’ when you’re scared.

Join us for some “raw talk” about that journey, and how you can learn from her experience.

Listen to this episode here:

Or download the episode to your device by using the links at the bottom of this page.

Episode Highlights

  • How to VALUE your writing and your work
  • Her counter-intuitive theory on living the life you want BEFORE you become successful
  • How Angie made the leap from corporate writer to successful freelancer
  • The hard lessons she learned about bragging about your work
  • How she wrangles a massive amount of moving pieces involved in a large launch
  • The importance of being honest about your “why” (and why you need to avoid b.s. answers)
  • How she finds time to produce content for her own business and still balance a full time client roster
  • The most important thing you need to know BEFORE you quit your day job
  • How to deal with (and move past) the nasty head trash that comes with writing for a living
  • Why it’s important to find your personal “version of success” (and how to start looking for it)

And plenty more along the way. Get the resources mentioned in this episode below.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode


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    2 replies to "BOW 005: Writing Beyond Failure w/ Angie Colee"

    • Lyn Marler

      Hey Laura and Rachel,

      I think you should add the Peter Bowerman book to your resources.

      I’d leave you reviews but I have to figure out how to access iTunes or the podcast app! I’ve never had a need to either of them.

      Thanks for your interesting interviews. You gave me a great list of books I haven’t read in today’s episode.

      • Rachel Mazza

        Hey Lyn!

        That’s a great idea! We will add that book to the resources here now.

        Rachel made a quick video tutorial on how to rate and review the podcast here:

        Take a look and let us know if that makes sense! Otherwise we’ll record one that’s more in-depth.
        Thank you so much!

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