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Lianna Patch is a conversion copywriter and comedian whose greatest dream is to make your customers pause, smile, and click (in that order). 

Why humor copy? File this one under “shockingly obvious” – Humor makes people LIKE you.

When people like you, they’re engaged. Which means they stay on your site longer. Which gives you a better chance at getting them to buy what you’re selling.

Why conversion copy? You can tell jokes all day. But if you don’t have a punchline, you’re just wasting everyone’s time and attention. Copy works the same way. Write as much as you want – but if you don’t have a conversion goal, you’re going nowhere.

Lianna is an expert in both copy AND humor, and we are so excited to have her on the show today. Let’s dive in. 

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Episode Highlights

  • How Liana developed the one-two-punch of copywriter AND comedian
  • The cardinal rule of using humor in your writing
  • Humor mistakes that make copy cringe-worthy
  • How to use humor strategically to get the sale
  • When humor crosses the line and becomes too much
  • How Lianna productized her copy services so she could focus on high-margin copy services
  • Managing your roster and workflow to make space for new clients
  • Lianna’s trick for getting clients to come to her rather than chasing them
  • How Lianna pitches to get on stage and speak as an expert
  • What tactics beat imposter syndrome and stage fright
  • Hilarious personal insights that we DEFINITELY didn’t edit out

And plenty more along the way. Get the resources mentioned in this episode below.

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