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Margo Aaron is the “recovering academic” and copy nerd behind the cheeky website That Seems Important. While she calls herself the “accidental marketer” – her full-time writing career is certainly no accident! 

Her work has been featured in Inc, Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, The Observer, Copyhackers, Entrepreneur and more. 

She also co-hosts “Hillary and Margo Yell at Websites” – a hilarious show that’s been named one of the Top 7 Best Marketing shows. 

Now Margo runs a coaching program for perfectionists who are ready to focus on their own work (instead of their clients’). 

This episode is packed full of eye-opening quotables that you’ll want to post up on your wall. 

So join us today as we chat about how Margo breaks through resistance, deals with the “head trash” that holds so many people back, and built a brand that people drool over. 

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Episode Highlights

  • How to filter everyone else’s commentary when you’re finding your voice
  • Why Margo calls herself an ‘accidental marketer’
  • How she carved out an anonymous place to practice her skills
  • The ‘drunk cousin’ reason you shouldn’t rely on inspiration when you write
  • How to use ‘exposure therapy’ to get over your fear of promoting yourself
  • The ‘sports bra’ method for overcoming the head trash that holds you back
  • How to bridge the gap between what you know you SHOULD do, and what you can actually do
  • The real reason Margo doesn’t respond to everyone who emails her
  • How to coach yourself while you’re also “playing the game” in the arena

And plenty more along the way. Get the resources mentioned in this episode below.

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