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Justin Blackman is a master of voice. He also LOVES a challenge.

Last year, he wrote for 239 different people in different voices. The year before that he wrote 10,211 headlines for 100 different brands—just for fun! He did all this on top of creating content for an international hotel company with 12 distinct brand voices.

In addition to all this copywriting ventriloquism, Justin spent a decade speaking to thousands of consumers while marketing big name brands like 5-hour Energy, Red Bull, and Puma.

Now he uses all that experience to create ridiculously specific voice guides, and teaches others to do the same.

Join us for this diverse chat about writing voice, the muppets, and how not to be a crappy human being.

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Episode Highlights

  • What Justin learned managing big brands like Red Bull and Puma
  • How he got his first freelance clients
  • The real reason you need to check your ego when looking at other writer’s work
  • Why getting people to laugh is the fastest way to get attention
  • The Jim Henson Muppets secret to discovering someone’s voice
  • How to become a brand ventriloquist and write in different voices
  • The tangible “WTF” system for creating voice guides that clone your client
  • What Justin learned writing over 10,000 headlines for 100 different brands
  • The 3 measurable criteria you need to match someone’s writing voice

And plenty more along the way. Get the resources mentioned in this episode below.

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